Free Awakened Ones Love Energy Tests

Love Energies are still freely available to all people upon planet earth. However, back at the beginning of time for humanity, all people had the same amount of Love Energies within them. But, the karmic consequences of free will decision making resulted in a large reduction of Love Energies in many people during their later reincarnations.

We Awakened Ones of the 144,000 have created these simple and unique Love Energy Tests to enable you to determine if you have energetic blockages from emotionally charged memories about unpleasant spiritual tests and/or karmic debt repayments in this lifetime.

We recommend that you first take the Basic Love Energy Test before using the Advanced Love Energy Test, so you may fully perceive the energetic differences that exist between a normal Love-Light Body and a super normal Love-Love-Light Body.

Basic Awakened Ones Love Energy Test for Love-Light Bodies

Our Basic Love Energy Test measures one’s whole brain thinking abilities for receiving and working with the Conditional Love Energies of 3rd dimensional happiness

Advanced Awakened Ones Love Energy Test for Love-Love-Light Bodies

Our Advanced Love Energy Test measures your level of whole brain thinking and your Mind’s abilities for working and dancing together with the Unconditional Love Energies of 4th dimensional Joy


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