Awakened Ones Love Energy Healing Treatments

Our Awakened Ones Love Energy Healing Treatments are now being offered at many Awakened Ones Love Energy Centers. Each of our Love Energy Healing Treatments is given by a Starfire Love Energy Healer, who with their Teraphim use Unconditional Love Energies Beyond Bliss is a state of Conscious Awareness called Unity Consciousness in their healing treatments.

Love is an energy that has used throughout human history by Love Energy Adepts to heal people of dis-eases and dis-comforts. Our Starfire Love Energy Healers and their Teraphim have helped people around the world to self heal themselves of cancer, leukemia, AIDS and other health problems using Beyond Bliss Unconditional Love Energies and Sacred Waters.

All Starfire Love Energy Healers are graduates of a program where they have to first use the Unconditional Love Energies of Joy and Bliss to self heal themselves. Those who self heal themselves are eligible to attend a Starfire Healers Love Energy Techniques Class.

Starfire Love Energy Healers learn to create Merkabas, or force fields of energies, using Unity Consciousness 7th dimensional Beyond Bliss Unconditional Love Energies. Once they are experienced in using Unconditional Love Energies of Beyond Bliss, Starfire Healers learn how to work with Teraphim and focus a flow of Beyond Bliss level Unconditional Love Energies that enables open minded people to self heal themselves.

All illnesses and dis-eases are the result of large numbers of positive ions being located in one area of the body for a prolonged period of time. One negative ion of 4th dimensional Joy neutralizes one positive ion, however one negative ion of 7th dimensional Unity Consciousness level Unconditional Love Energies of Beyond Bliss neutralizes four positive ions of dis-ease and dis-comfort.

We offer many types of Awakened Ones Love Energy Healing Treatments including our unique Love Energized Whole Brain Treatments that release stress, alleviate mental confusion and are extremely soothing to autistic children.

We recently wrote up a series of our Awakened Ones Love Energy Wisdom and Techniques to enable people to self heal themselves of PTSD, Cancer, and Depression. We have also written up some information to assist parents understand and help their Enlightened Love Oriented Autistic Children.

If you wish an Awakened Ones Love Energy Healing Treatment, please email us at with a subject line of “Starfire Healing Request” and give us your city, province/state and country, so we may place you in contact with your closest Awakened Ones Love Energy Center who has a Starfire Healer.


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