Awakened Ones Love Energy Wisdom and Techniques
to Self Heal PTSD

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a four word term that poorly describes the pain and suffering associated with an experience with some type of inhumane event. Violent rape, torture and war are the types of inhuman events that cause PTSD to occur in people.

We at Awakened Ones Love Energy Centers offer ancient wisdom and modern techniques to help people self heal themselves of PTSD. In order to self heal oneself of the pain and suffering from one’s memories of the inhumane aspects of a traumatic event, one must understand why it is that one endured such an inhumane experience.

Every traumatic event in one’s life is either a spiritual test for this life or a karmic debt repayment for actions in a past life, as fully explained in our Karma at home seminar recording that includes an ancient Karma Fire and Rebirth Ceremony that enables one to eliminate the pain one suffers in the present when reminded of a past traumatic event.

We, Ga Ra and Za Ra, co-created The Ah-mazing Dance of Love and Light at home seminar recording to teach people the Basic Love Energy Technique of how one can use the energies of Unceasing Light to cleanse one’s Body, Mind and Spirit, or Soul, from the lower dimensional energies of anger, regret and/or thoughts of revenge stored in one’s memories of past events.

This uniquely effective emotional cleansing and self healing recording also teaches the Basic Love Energy Technique that enables one to use the energies of Unconditional Love to fill one’s Body, Mind and Spirit, or Soul, with the healing and comforting negative ions of Joy. We also created and recorded the super sized at home seminar recording of Forgiveness, the Path to Inner Peace and Enlightenment.

This recording includes a variety of Awakened Ones Love Energy Techniques and guided exercises that enable one to reduce the pain and suffering stored in one’s original memory of a traumatic past event and eliminate the pain and suffering contained in the duplicate emotionally charged memories that one self creates every time one thinks and relives a traumatic past event.

Negative ions have been proven by science to be beneficial to one’s physical, mental and emotional health. You can now create negative ionized drinking water from regular water in the comfort of your home using our Sacred Waters at home seminar recording. We also recently resurrected the ancient sacred healing formulas of our alchemist ancestors to create our Love Energized Healing Salves.

We recommend using a small dab of our Mental Clarity Salve on both temples of your head and a spot of Enlightened Equanimity Salve on your 3rd Eye Spiritual Energy Center while repeating the ancient healing mantras sent out with our salves. Recent experiences also enable us to recommend using our Syrma and Lyra bracelets of Wearable Healing Love Energies.

Unique Teraphim from around the world are hand selected for their beauty and healing attributes, and hand crafted into bracelets. Then, at a mystical and mysterious location in ancient Africa, the healing Unconditional Love Energies of Bliss are infused into these healing bracelets during a series of ancient sacred secret Awakened Ones Love Energy Ceremonies.

We suggest you contact your closest Awakened Ones Love Energy Center and request a Whole Brain Love Energy Healing Treatment from a Starfire Healer. Email us with a subject line of “Starfire Healing Request” at and give us your city, province/state and country, so we may place you in contact with your closest Awakened Ones Love Energy Center who has a Starfire Healer.

Please email us at with a subject line of “PTSD List” if you would like to receive periodic updates on our PTSD Love Energy Healing Treatments and to read about people’s experiences in being cured of PTSD.

We would appreciate your emailing us at with a subject line of “PTSD Experiences”, and sharing your experiences with this unique, simple and effective at home self healing treatment.


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