Awakened Ones Love Energy Wisdom and Techniques
to Self Heal Depression

Depression is a debilitating dis-ease that is usually the cumulative result of a series of extremely unpleasant stress filled events in one’s life. Some people with depression are able to still function, however they merely exist in life with little happiness and no Joy. But, depressed people working in stressful jobs can suddenly suffer a severe form of depression and completely withdraw from reality.

In such cases, a person curls their body into a fetal position, turns off the Conscious Awareness of their temporary 3rd dimensional physical body’s brain and retreats into their permanent 4th dimensional Emotional Body’s Mind. There are natural ways to heal depression and an abundance of Unconditional Love Energies is an ancient and effective method for healing all forms of depression.

Aspects of life that are common to depressed people include an abundance of stress, an abundance of self doubt and a lack of self love. Love is an energy that heals people’s dis-eases and dis-comforts, a unique natural energy that also expands Conscious Awareness so one may fully enjoy life.

Every extremely unpleasant event in one’s life is either a spiritual test for this life or a karmic debt repayment for actions in a past life. Thus, we included in our Karma at home seminar recording ancient wisdom and modern techniques like our Karma Fire and Rebirth Ceremonies that empower one to eliminate the pain one suffers in the present when reminded of certain past events.

We, Ga Ra and Za Ra, co-created The Ah-mazing Dance of Love and Light at home seminar recording to teach people the Basic Awakened Ones Love Energy Technique of how one can use the energies of Unceasing Light to cleanse one’s Body, Mind and Spirit, or Soul, from the lower dimensional energies of anger, regret and/or thoughts of revenge that are stored in the memories of one’s past unpleasant and/or traumatic events.

This unique self healing recording also teaches one the Basic Awakened Ones Love Energy Technique of how one can use the energies of Unconditional Love to fill one’s Body, Mind and Spirit, or Soul, with the healing and comforting negative ions of Joy.

Negative ions of Joy have been proven by science to be beneficial to one’s physical, mental and emotional health. Now, you are able to create sacred negative ionized drinking water from regular water in the comfort of your home using our Sacred Waters at home seminar recording.

In addition, we recently located in ancient family records the ancient sacred healing formulas used by our alchemist ancestors and we are now creating our Awakened Ones Sacred Love Energized Healing Salves. We recommend using a small dab of our Mental Clarity Salve on both temples of your head and a spot of Enlightened Equanimity Salve on your 3rd Eye Spiritual Energy Center while repeating the ancient healing mantras included with our salves.

Our Forgiveness at home seminar recording is filled with ancient and modern self healing wisdom along with a series of guided exercises that enable and empower one to use the negative ions of Joy to neutralize positive ions in the depressing emotional energies of fear, anger and/or regret that surround memories of unpleasant past events in one’s life.

These guided exercises teach one how to expand the energies of happiness and joy recorded in one’s memories of the good times in one’s life. Guided exercises also teach one how to eliminate the pain and suffering one endures from the duplicate emotionally charged memories one manifests into one’s brain when one is reminded of an extremely unpleasant past event and gets angry or regretful in the present.

Recent experiences enable us to also recommend using our Meissa and Arcturus bracelets of Wearable Healing Love Energies. Unique Teraphim from around the world are hand selected for their beauty and healing attributes, and hand crafted into bracelets. Then, at a mystical and mysterious location in ancient Africa, the healing Unconditional Love Energies of Bliss are infused into these healing bracelets during a series of ancient sacred secret Awakened Ones Love Energy Ceremonies.

We also suggest you contact your closest Awakened Ones Love Energy Center and request a Whole Brain Love Energy Healing Treatment for Depression from a Starfire Healer. Email us at with a subject line of “Starfire Healing Request” and give us your city, province/state and country, so we may place you in contact with your closest Love Energy Center who has a Starfire Healer.

Please email us at with a subject line of “Depression List” if you would like to receive periodic updates on our Depression Love Energy Healing Treatments and to read about people’s experiences in self healing themselves of Depression.

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