Awakened Ones Love Energy Wisdom and Techniques
to Self Heal Cancer

Cancer is the result of having excessive amounts of positive ions in one area of the body for a prolonged period of time. Cancer in middle aged people is common for those individuals who had difficult childhoods and who live stress filled lives in today’s digital world.

Anger and regret are the emotional energies that transform normal atoms in one’s body into positive ions of dis-ease and dis-comfort while Love is the emotional energy that transforms normal atoms into negative ions of Joy and super negative ions of Bliss.

Modern medical science tells us that all human bodies contain cancer causing cells, and that in some cases 60% of people with certain DNA combinations will get cancer, but 40% will not get cancer. However, medical science cannot tell you why some people will get cancer and some people will not get cancer.

We at Awakened Ones Love Energy Centers can tell you why and more importantly we can enable you to self heal yourself of cancer. If you have not contaminated your body with chemotherapy’s unnatural chemicals and nuclear radiation, you can now self heal yourself using some simple Basic Love Energy Techniques.

First of all, we suggest you obtain the Sacred Waters at home seminar recording and begin creating and drinking large quantities of water with negative ions, because when a healthy negative ion meets a cancerous positive ion, they neutralize energies, and the result is two normal atoms. Thus, we can highly recommend eating some of our Awakened Love Energy Centers super negative ionized Love Energized Food Products.

Self healing the source of cancer means one has to understand how we specifically chose our parents before birth and that our physical bodies contain DNA strengths and weaknesses such as susceptibility to cancer, as explained in our Karma at home seminar recording. Hear true life stories of two boys stricken with leukemia from birth, a world apart and how the poorest one, who also was born with AIDS, was healed by Za Ra.

We also recommend using The Ah-mazing Dance of Love and Light at home seminar recording to focus the bursts of Unceasing Light Energy that removes positive ions of cancer from your body. Then, using the same recording you focus a flow of negative ionized Unconditional Love Energies of Joy and fully heal your body in a natural way from the positive ionized effects of cancer.

Our Forgiveness at home seminar recording is filled with ancient and modern self healing wisdom along with a series of guided exercises that enable and empower one to use the negative ions of Joy to neutralize the positive ions in the cancer causing emotional energies of fear, anger and/or regret that surround memories of unpleasant past events in one’s life.

Recent experiences also enable us to recommend using our Shaula and Vela bracelets of Wearable Healing Love Energies. Unique Teraphim from around the world are hand selected for their beauty and healing attributes, and hand crafted into bracelets. Then, at a mystical and mysterious location in ancient Africa, the healing Unconditional Love Energies of Bliss are infused into these healing bracelets during a series of ancient sacred secret Awakened Ones Love Energy Ceremonies.

We also suggest you contact your closest Awakened Ones Love Energy Center and request a Love Energy Healing Treatment for cancer from a Starfire Healer. Email us at with a subject line of “Starfire Healing Request” and give us your city, province/state and country, so we may place you in contact with your closest Awakened Ones Love Energy Center who has a Starfire Healer.

Please email us at with a subject line of “Cancer List” if you would like to receive periodic updates on our Cancer Love Energy Healing Treatments and to read people’s experiences in self healing themselves of Cancer.

We would appreciate your emailing us at with a subject line of “Cancer Experiences”, and sharing your experiences with this unique, simple and effective at home self healing treatment.


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