Our “Tunnels of Unconditional Love Energies”
are Science’s “Wormholes in Space”

At Love Energy Centers, we use the term “Tunnels of Love” to describe how Sun of God level Conscious Awarenesses can use Unconditional Love energies to instantaneously travel great distances with groups of people by transcending time and space.

While Hollywood fantasizes about time space tunnels and science theorizes about traveling through wormholes in space, we, at Awakened Ones Love Energy Centers, have personally been experiencing traveling through Tunnels of Unconditional Love Energies, or wormholes in space, to distant locations since the 1990s.

We have been using the Unconditional Love energies of Joy, Bliss and Beyond Bliss, as well as Unity Consciousness and Sun of God level Unconditional Love Energies to activate Merkabas and travel through Tunnels of Love for many years.

Members of the legendary 144,000 who are mentioned in western and eastern religions, as well as in the legends of indigenous people around the world, will find what they have been searching for in life, when they begin traveling through Tunnels of Love in our Awakened Ones Weekly Love Fests.

As explained in our Creation at home seminar recording there are 12 dimensional levels in our universe. Those who attain and retain the 4th dimensional level of Conscious Awareness are described as Enlightened in our Attain Enlightenment at home seminar recording.

In our Awakened Ones Love Energy Techniques Activator Classes we teach participants how to use the Unconditional Love Energies of 4th dimensional Joy and 5th dimensional Bliss to create Merkabas for traveling great distances through Tunnels of Love.

Each week, we awakened Enlightened and Super Enlightened Ones of the 144,000 gather, in the comfort of our homes, for worldwide Weekly Love Fests where using Skype and a teleconferencing center, we consciously travel as a group in our individual Conscious Awarenesses to a distant location where there is no pain, suffering or death.

Each week using skype and a conferencing center, we meet as a group, cleanse ourselves with Unceasing Light, fill ourselves with Unconditional Love and use the Tunnels of Love emanating from our 23 acre, 9 hectare Ha-Ne-Ah-Yah Physical Body Ascension Spiritual Energy Grid, to travel to a distant location.

There, we expand our Conscious Awarenesses and Spiritual Energy Fields of Consciousness by performing action and creating memories of swimming in lakes of magical 4th dimensional joyful energies and walking in valleys filled with mystical 5th dimensional blissfilled energies.

Personally experience the energies of happiness and Joy by listening to our online Free Awakened Ones Love Energy Tests. In addition, our Free Awakened Ones Love Energy Technique for Activity enables one to release stress during, as well as after, difficult emotionally charged situations.


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