In One’s DNA are Instincts and Memories from One’s Ancestors
This article comes to you from the ben Panther family records

In life, there are times when the body reacts instantly to an immediate threat of harm. These are times when there is no time to think, only react. People use the term instinct to describe the body’s instantaneous reaction in such situations.

However, unknown to most people is the fact that there are three different types of instinct. Normal people have access to the two types of “normal instinct”. Only recently was science able to prove that an animal’s instincts are recorded in their DNA.

Now that science has proven that the instincts of animals come from memories stored in their DNA, science is now considering the possibility that humans also have memories from their ancestors stored in their DNA. However, we at Awakened Ones Love Energy Centers have been using ancient wisdom from the ben Panther family records for many years to explain and teach this concept to spiritual seekers.

We began teaching this concept because emotionally charged memories of one’s ancestors stored in one’s DNA is what causes “phobias” in people. In addition, the emotionally charged ancestral memories of fear and anger stored in one’s DNA hinder one’s enjoyment of life and decrease the flows of Unconditional Love energies of Joy and Bliss that are needed to activate a Merkaba.

Accordingly, participants at our Awakened Ones Love Energy Techniques Activator Classes are taught how to cleanse emotionally charged energies of anger and fear, deposited in the lowest 2 levels of one’s Spiritual Energy Centers from one’s own memories of this life and also in the memories of one’s ancestors that are recorded in one’s DNA.

Once cleansed of the Love Energy blocking emotional energies of fear and anger, one is prepared to use the Mind of their permanent Emotional Body to work with the brain of their temporary physical body, to attain the state of Conscious Awareness called Enlightenment and fully activate their Merkabas.

In the state of Enlightenment one has access to all of their memories from all of their past lives that are stored in the Mind, of their 4th dimensional Emotional Body. And so it is that Enlightened Ones, as super normal people, have a 3rd type of instinct, the super normal ability to connect the memories stored in the 3rd dimensional physical body’s DNA with memories stored in the 4th dimensional Mind’s Emotional Body.

And so it is that a unique situation occurs when memories in one’s physical body’s DNA match memories in one’s Emotional Body. We seek those of the 144,000 who came with us 10,000 years ago. The unique sound combinations used by Ga Ra and Za Ra in our Free Awakened Ones Love Energy Tests awaken memories in the physical bodies and Emotional Bodies of the 144,000 so they may have an opportunity to fulfill their destiny.


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