Awakened Ones Love Energy Wisdom and Techniques
to Help Parents of Enlightened Autistic Children

Autism is a word that describes those special children who are born with the spiritually advanced state of Conscious Awareness called Enlightenment. Any parent of an autistic child can tell you how special they are, because of the amount of love that naturally radiates from an autistic child.

Enlightenment is a super normal state of Conscious Awareness that from birth gives autistic children the ability to hear other people’s thoughts, feel other people’s emotions and see in daily activity, that which other people only see in their dreams.

Thus, to parents of Enlightened autistic children, we Enlightened Awakened Ones Love Energy Techniques Healers and Teachers offer to you our wisdom and assistance to help you understand the sounds, feelings and sights that are perceived and experienced each day by your super normal children.

Unfortunately, science considers autism to be a disease and attempts to “cure” autistic children using unnatural chemical compounds that prevent the brain from performing certain functions with the Mind. These unnatural chemical compounds also cause harm to others parts of a human body.

Fortunately, we Enlightened adults at Awakened Ones Love Energy Centers do understand how autistic children are born with an Enlightened state of Conscious Awareness. Thus, we are able to help autistic children adjust to our Love Energy depressed digital world using our unique Awakened Ones Love Energy Techniques.

We understand how autistic children are born without the normal block between the left and right sides of their brain. We understand how autistic children have the open brain/Mind connection of Enlightened spiritual adepts and thus have telepathic as well as other supernormal abilities.

Parents of autistic Enlightened children should be aware that their child can hear every thought their parents and other people think and feel all of the emotions of irritation, fear and/or anxiety that their parents and other people feel.

Therefore, we highly recommend that parents of autistic children contact their closest Awakened Ones Love Energy Center and request a Whole Brain Love Energy Healing Treatment for their autistic child from a Starfire Love Energy Healer. Email us at with a subject line of “Starfire Healing Request” and give us your city, province/state and country, so we may place you in contact with your closest Awakened Ones Love Energy Center who has a Starfire Healer.

The Starfire Healer at your Awakened Ones Love Energy Center will also be able to give parents of autistic children some helpful techniques to assist them in helping their Enlightened love oriented autistic child adapt to today’s Love Energy depressed way of life. In addition, we also highly recommend that one, or both, parents become Starfire Healers because then they can daily give their gifted child soothing, comforting, nourishing and healing Whole Brain Love Energy Healing Treatments.

We recommend that both parents and their autistic children use our Sacred Love Energized Healing Salves for mental clarity and emotional equanimity. We suggest using a small dab of our Mental Clarity Salve on both temples of the head and a spot of Enlightened Equanimity Salve on the 3rd Eye Spiritual Energy Center while repeating an ancient healing mantra.

The Love Energies contained in our Serenades of Love at home seminar recording enables autistic children to relax and when played on repeat mode at low volume, allows autistic children to sleep and/or nap in a peaceful state of Mind.

Recent experiences also enable us to recommend that both parents and child use our Cassiopeia and Azha bracelets of Wearable Healing Love Energies. Unique Teraphim from around the world are hand selected for their beauty and healing attributes, and hand crafted into bracelets. Then, at a mystical and mysterious location in ancient Africa, the healing Unconditional Love Energies of Bliss are infused into these healing bracelets during a series of ancient sacred secret Awakened Ones Love Energy Ceremonies.

Please email us at with a subject line of “Autism List” if you would like to receive periodic updates on our Autism Love Energy Self Help Treatments and to read about experiences with our natural autistic self help techniques.

We would appreciate your emailing us at with a subject line of “Autism Experiences”, and sharing your experiences with this unique, simple and effective at home self help treatment.


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