Articles by Ga Ra

Here is a series of unique articles that Ga Ra created to release some historical facts about people and events as well as to help people understand the words and concepts that are part of our Awakened Ones Love Energy Techniques.

World’s Greatest Love Story, Kukulkan and Quetzalcoatl

Seer Stones, Speaking Stones and Record Keeper Crystals

The Unique Lives of Ga Ra and Za Ra

The Many Amazing Levels of Love Energies

The Joy of Enlightenment

The Bliss of Super Enlightenment

The Man who was a god, Thoth Hermes Trismegistus

The Super Powers of One’s 3rd Eye Spiritual Energy Center

Amazing Wisdom about Ancient Teraphim

The Legendary 144,000

Alchemy and Alchemists

The Legendary Eye of Horus Mystery Schools

Joy is the Energy of Your 4th Dimensional Emotional Body

The Multidimensional Aspects of God

The Multidimensional Energies of Joy, Bliss and Beyond Bliss

The Emotional Energies of Positive, Negative and Super Negative Ions

The Natural Event of Levitation by a Spiritual Adept

The Worldwide Great Flood of 3114 BCE

Unconditional Love Energized Merkaba are Transdimensional Vehicles

True Wisdom and Personal Experience = True Knowledge

The Amazing Super Enlightened Quetzalcoatl

The Dance of Conscious Awareness

The History and Wonders of Thoth Hermes Trismegistus’ Emerald Tablet

The Moses’ Merkava is a Misuse of Egypt’s Merkaba

Ancient Facts about the Human Spirit or Soul

In One’s DNA are Instincts and Ancestral Memories

The Non Duality of Unity Consciousness

The Joyful Energies of Your Emotional Body

The Multidimensional Levels of a Human Mind

Our “Tunnels of Unconditional Love Energies” are Science’s “Wormholes in Space”

A Universe’s Suns of God

We are our Spiritual Energy Fields of Consciousness

The Bliss of a Physical Body Ascension

People and Products can be Infused with Unconditional Love Energies

The Energy of Unconditional Love Makes Places and Objects Sacred

Unique Messages Contained in the “Lensman” Sci-fi Books

Enlightenment in Action occurs when One is Consciously Working

Truth about Abortion of a Fetus without a Soul

The Emotional Relief of a Rebirth Ceremony

The Sacredness of Love Energized Beeswax

The Beauty and Intelligence of Cleopatra VII

We are God Loving Spiritual Individuals, not God fearing religious people

Love Energy Wisdom and Techniques to Self Heal PTSD

Love Energy Wisdom and Techniques to Self Heal Cancer

Love Energy Wisdom and Techniques to Self Heal Depression

Love Energy Wisdom and Techniques to Help Parents of Enlightened Autistic Children


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