Awakened Ones Love Energy Techniques Activator Classes

An Awakened Ones Love Energy Techniques Activator Class is a two day adventure into the 4th and 5th dimensional levels of our universe where one has the opportunity to experience the Unconditional Love Energies of 4D Joy and 5D Bliss.

In one weekend, participants receive the ancient wisdom as well as the ancient and modern techniques that enable and empower one to consciously use the energies of Conditional Love from one’s 3D brain to naturally expand one’s Conscious Awareness to the 4D Joyful and 5D Blissful energies of Unconditional Love that are contained in one’s multidimensional Mind.

Our Activator Classes teach the amazing wisdom that enables participants to use our ancient and modern Love Energy Techniques and live life as an Enlightened One. Our Awakened Ones Love Energy Techniques Activator Classes enable one to live part of one's life as a Super Enlightened One.

As vividly described in our "Creation" seminar recording there are 12 dimensional levels in a universe. In our Activator Classes, participants are taught the ancient and modern techniques that empower one to use the Conscious Awareness of their 3rd dimensional physical body to activate their 3rd, 4th and 5th dimensional Spiritual Energy Fields of Consciousness into Merkabas.

This process enables one to experience parts of one's daily life as a Super Enlightened One, while living in the denseness and constraints of a 3D human physical body. Please realize that any spiritual or religious technique. when done daily with Love Energy, will in time enable one to attain Enlightenment by merging together into oneness the Conscious Awarenesses of one’s 3D physical body's brain and one’s 4D Emotional Body's Mind.

However, only Ga Ra and Za Ra's Love Energy Techniques Activator Classes empower one to merge into oneness, the Conscious Awarenesses of one's 3rd dimensional physical body, one's 4th dimensional Emotional Body and one's 5th dimensional Spiritual Energy Field of Consciousness into the “Oneness of Super Enlightenment”.

A Super Enlightened state of Consciousness enables and empowers one to accomplish more tasks in 3rd dimensional life while expending less time and energy on 3D tasks. A Super Enlightened One leads a life of "Optimum Performance" by using a combination of ancient and modern Awakened Ones Unconditional Love Energy Techniques.

In addition, during one weekend, we train participants how to use their expanded and Super Enlightened states of Conscious Awareness to travel through Tunnels of Love, (what science calls Wormholes in Space or Time-Space Tunnels), to a distant location where there is no pain, suffering or death. A place where one swims in lakes of 4th dimensional Joy and walks in valleys of 5th dimensional Bliss.

Our Awakened Ones Love Energy Activator Classes are taught by an Awakened Ones Love Energy Techniques Adept Teacher in a seminar setting to participants who have completed listening to the wisdom and who are practicing the techniques taught in Ga Ra and Za Ra's Basic Awakened Ones Love Energy Techniques at home seminar recordings.

Once you complete the Basic Techniques, you are ready to attend our wondrous weekend Activator Class, email us with a subject line of “Activator Class” at , include your name, city, province/state and country so we may direct you to your nearest Adept Teacher.


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