The 144,000 incarnate every thousand years to help humanity. We are seeking to locate other members of the 144,000. We are using this website and a series of minibooks to help find and awaken them.

• Do you feel different from other people?
• Do you seek to understand why you incarnated in your current physical body?
• Do you wish to experience “Enlightenment”?
• Do you have a sense of having something important to do in this life?

If you answered yes to any 2 of these 4 questions, you are probably a member of the legendary 144,000. Click Here to send us an email.


The term “144,000” can still awaken ancestral memories recorded in one’s DNA. The 144,000 are mentioned in ancient Asian scriptures like the “Ramayana” as well as in recent Middle Eastern scriptures like the fake news filled “Old Testament.”

Unfortunately, all religions have lost their spiritual path because the ancient esoteric wisdom written in code words into their scriptures long ago is incomprehensible to today’s religious leaders. Thus, the information in scriptures, especially the Old Testament, is misleading people all over the world.

Fortunately, over a hundred members of the 144,000 have now awakened and have attained multilevel Enlightenment. Thus, they now remember who they are as well as why they incarnated in this lifetime to help humanity.


Together, we have formed a nonprofit organization to locate other members of the 144,000. We are using a “dime store novel” approach to release our ancient esoteric wisdom in 60 page minibooks.

We are self-publishing a huge book of esoteric wisdom which is interspersed with the amazing true-life adventures of a Super Enlightened Couple of the 144,000 who lived a thousand years ago. This series of minibooks is called “The World’s Greatest Love Story (you have never heard about).”

He is Quetzalcoatl, a royal Scotsman who founded the Knights Templar Order of Warrior High Priests and located the priceless treasures contained in the legendary “Ark of the Covenant.” She is Kukulkan, a Mayan Princess who fulfilled a 3,500 year old prophecy and became, at a young age, the first “Most Ancient Senior High Priestess.”

This book vividly describes how 2 of the large ancient Crystal Skulls, created over 5,000 years ago, brought the two together. Quetzalcoatl became known as “Amaru” in South America. Kukulkan became known as “White Buffalo Calf Woman” in North America.

The book is a collection of this amazing couple’s true-life adventures a thousand years ago as they resurrected the ancient esoteric wisdom and Love Energy Techniques of the 144,000. In addition, to the autobiographies of Quetzalcoatl and Kukulkan, we have interwoven their adventures with the true-life adventures from the autobiographies of other volunteer couples of the 144,000. Discover the wonderfilled true-life adventures of 9 Super Enlightened Couples over the last 10,000 years.


These 9 remarkable Super Enlightened Couples of the 144,000 are Shiva and Sati, Parvati and Ganesha, Unkulunkulu and Kali, Rama and Sita, Krishna and Uloopi, Thoth Hermes Trismegistus (Viracocha) and Seshat, Guan Shi Yin and Kwan Yin, Yeshua (Jesus) and Mary Magdalene as well as Quetzalcoatl (Amaru) and Kukulkan (White Buffalo Calf Woman).

“The World’s Greatest Love Story” now has 8 chapters with 456 pages and growing. Each new chapter is now 60 pages. Chapter 9 is expected to be printed in September 2021.

Each chapter is filled with uncensored esoteric wisdom, including information about “superpowers” like levitation, telekinesis, communications with Power Animals, etc. Each chapter builds on the foundation of knowledge released in earlier chapters. Thus, the most recent chapter is always the most exciting and powerful.


In Chapter 1, Quetzalcoatl, during his Coming of Age Ceremony, uses the same “Record Keeper Stone” that Yeshua (Jesus) used at his Coming of Age Ceremony. This Record Keeper Stone helps Quetzalcoatl find the biblical “Ark of the Covenant”. Among the Ark’s many priceless treasures is an ancient hand-sized Amethyst Crystal Skull from which he has a vision about Kukulkan.

Meanwhile, in Chapter 1, Kukulkan, during her Coming of Age Ceremony, begins passing tests laid out by Viracocha (Thoth) in 2500 BC. Thus, she is sent to the Senior High Priestesses of Tiahuanaco, the world’s oldest city, where she passes all the other tests. Then, fully awakened, with help from her ancient Crystal Skull, she begins having visions of Quetzalcoatl.

In Chapter 8, Quetzalcoatl gives an amazing lecture filled with ancient esoteric wisdom, like how the Great Spirit of “One God” separates into “Four Gods” to create the first universe of a “Creation Cycle.” Learn how the first galaxy and first solar system were manifested into existence. Read details about the construction of an entire planet, Greatest-Love-Story including the creation of a planet’s atmosphere as well as its first single-celled organisms. Learn how evolved intelligent lifeforms like humanity receive a Soul.

Also, in Chapter 8, Quetzalcoatl and Kukulkan perform a Love Energy Procreation Ceremony. Nine months later, Kukulkan gives birth to a Super Enlightened Daughter who learns by herself how to use telekinesis before she can crawl and how to levitate high in the air before she learns to walk.

Read more about the wondrous true-life adventures of this Super Enlightened Family in the “World’s Greatest Love Story.” Each chapter is a separate minibook, $7.50 each plus postage or $3.95 for an eBook. Click here to read more and/or to order.

Learn Love Energy Techniques

You can learn the same Love Energy Techniques described in the World’s Greatest Love Story. We have Enlightened Love Energy Techniques Teachers in various places in Africa, Asia, Europe and North America.

Click here to read more about the Love Energy Techniques and/or to locate your nearest Enlightened Love Energy Techniques Teacher.

Love Energizing Mother Earth


We recently decided to help Mother Earth from the devastating loss of Love Energies she is suffering due to wireless technological energies. We created a wave of Unconditional Love Energies that now constantly circles Mother Earth 24/7.

Would you like to experience the Unconditional Love Energies described in the World’s Greatest Love Story and help Mother Earth at the same time? If so, you are welcome to join us in a daily meditation in the comfort of your home at 5:55pm Standard Time in your area of the world (6:55pm if your area is on Daylight Savings or Summer Time).

Our daily Love Energy Gatherings are becoming more powerful as additional people join us. Together, we can help spiritually regenerate Mother Earth by creating Unconditional Love Energies. You can use any spiritual technique, meditation or personal power prayer of your choice; or you can click here to request our free Love Energy Meditation Technique.

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