Feel Different from Other People
Sense You Have an Unknown Mission in Life
We Awakened Ones of the 144,000 Seek Those Who Came with Us

New: Every thousand years, two Ancient Ones incarnate with activated DNA memories, (like Jesus/Yeshua and Mary Magdalene). A thousand years ago, a royal Scottish Warrior Senior High Priest used DNA memories to found the Knights Templar, locate the Ark of the Covenant, travel to the Americas and marry a Mayan Senior High Priestess Princess. Known as Quetzalcoatl (Amaru) and Kukulkan (White Buffalo Calf Woman), they taught and healed people in the Americas with their Ancient One’s Love Energy Techniques. Click to read more. Click to order Mini Book #1.

Energies of Unconditional Love awaken the 144,000 who are mentioned in eastern and western religious scriptures as well as in the legends of indigenous people around the world. The 144,000 are elite love oriented Unity Consciousness level Enlightened volunteers who came here 10,000 years ago to help humanity and (read more)

The Energy of Love There are only 2 types of Love Energy but many sub-categories of the two types of Love Energy. People have heard of the two types but have an incorrect understanding of Unconditional Love. (read more)

Awakened Ones Love Energy Techniques download recordings and CDs allow one to listen in the comfort of one’s home to ancient wisdom and learn techniques that enable one to infuse Unconditional Energies Love into one’s life (read more).

Awakened Ones Love Energy Healing Treatments are offered at many Awakened Ones Love Energy Centers. Starfire Healers use Beyond Bliss Unconditional Love Energies and Teraphim in their healing treatments. (read more)

Awakened Ones Love Energy One and Two Day Seminars - We now offer One to Two Day Seminars that enable participants to practice our Basic Love Energy Techniques under the guidance of a Love Energy Techniques Adept Teacher. These seminars now include a personal experience with Unconditional Love Energies of Bliss during a ... read more.

Free Awakened Ones Love Energy Tests, observe your reactions to the unique sound combinations used by Ga Ra and Za Ra to locate members of the 144,000 that test one’s abilities to work with the Unconditional Love Energies of Joy. (free online test)

Free Awakened Ones Love Energy Technique enables you to experience the 4th dimensional Unconditional Love Energies of Joy.

Awakened Ones Love Energized Food Products are created in the ancient way by infusing Joy, Bliss and Beyond Bliss Unconditional Love Energies directly into natural foods. Amazingly tasty and fulfilling Love Energized Food Products are now available to people around the world at Awakened Ones Love Energy Centers (read more).

Awakened Ones Love Energized Essences are now being created from Ga Ra and Za Ra’s alchemist ancestors’ legendary formulas and recipes by Love Energy Adepts who infuse Unconditional Love Energies directly into natural ingredients using ancient ceremonies to create our exotic Love Energized Essences (read more).

Awakened Ones Weekly Love Fests, are worldwide fests that use high tech communications to enable Unconditional Love Energies of Joy and Bliss to flow directly into participants in the comfort of their homes, during a time best for them. (read more)

Awakened Ones Wearable Healing Love Energies, something new has arisen in that part of Africa that is the birthplace of humanity’s temporary physical bodies and the birthplace of Humanity’s permanent Minds, or Souls. Our unique Crystal Soul Lovers, after several ancient ceremonies, (read more)

Awakened Ones Sacred Love Energized Healing Salves, Ga Ra and Za Ra's Sacred Healing Salves contain Unity Consciousness level Healing Unconditional Love Energies that were infused directly into "Sacred Beeswax" and other natural ingredients during a series of 7 separate ancient ceremonies, (read more)

Other Love Energized Products, T Shirts and Crystal Teraphim Pouches

Awakened Ones Love in Action, we “walk our talk”. We donate $5 from each recording sold as well as 10% of the proceeds from sales of all our Awakened Ones Love Energized Products to help destitute children eat 3 meals a day and receive education.

Articles by Ga Ra on Love Energies, like how Unconditional Love Energies were used thousands of years ago to activate the legendary Ancient Egyptian Mer-Ka-Bas and biblical Mer-Ka-Vas see (full list of Ga Ra’s online articles).

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